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The following list of previous projects will give you a flavour of the services I can offer. However, don't be constrained by what you read below - I enjoy trying something new!

current projects

  • qualifications development consultant for senior phase CfE courses in Technologies for SQA
  • providing in-service training for Computing teachers in association with AOKLearning
  • delivering school-based CPD in educational ICT
  • reviewing and refreshing SCHOLAR on-line Computing and Information Systems materials
  • delivering SCHOLAR induction courses to PGDE students
  • occasional supply teaching at Hawick High School

previous projects

  • AH Computing exam setting for SQA
  • project managing development of e-learning materials for SCHOLAR / Heriot-Watt University
  • exam marking and assessment vetting for CIE (Cambridge International Examiners)
  • tutoring PGDE students for Moray House (Edinburgh University)
  • writing course material in Visual BASIC for Higher Computing and AS level
  • writing e-learning materials for AH Computing and Information Systems for SCHOLAR
  • managing the major review of Computing and Information Systems courses at all levels for Access 3 to Advanced Higher for SQA
  • writing Higher Computing revision material for publication in Scotland on Sunday
  • writing flexible learning materials in electronics for the TVEI Open Learning network
  • delivering SCHOLAR training for Interactive University
  • developing and implementing a new positive behaviour policy for Hawick High School
  • writing support materials for Intermediate 2 Software Development (Visual BASIC) for NQ Online
  • managing the development of on-line interactive Core Skills learning materials for Learning and Teaching Scotland
  • peer review of a wide range of learning packages for NQ Online
  • NAB writing for SQA
  • presenting national seminars for both SQA and LT Scotland
  • analysing course content for West Lothian's Picasso XL projectn
  • project monitoring for SEED Future Learning & Teaching Projectsg

Contact: david@dbethune.com


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