care homes

Feb 2014 Sun 2nd Thornfield 2.30pm SPC
Thurs 13th Mungo Pk 3.30pm St Johns
Fri 14th Riverside 2.30pm Baptist
Sun 16th Thornfield 2.30pm St Johns
Thurs 27th Mungo Pk 3.30pm URC
Fri 28th Riverside 2.30pm SPC
Mar 2014 Sun 2nd Thornfield 2.30pm URC
Thurs 13th Mungo Pk 3.30pm St John’s
Fri 14th Riverside 2.30pm E & Y
Sun 16th Thornfield 2.30pm Baptist
Thurs 27th Mungo Pk 3.30pm OLSJ
Fri 28th Riverside 2.30pm SPC
Apr 2014 Sun 6th Thornfield 2.30pm URC
Thurs 10th Mungo Pk 3.30pm St John’s
Fri 11th Riverside 2.30pm Baptist
Sun 20th Thornfield 2.30pm SPC
Thur 24th Mungo Pk 3.30pm Baptist
Fri 25th Riverside 2.30pm Ashkirk
May 2014 Sun 4th Thornfield 2.30pm Baptist
Thurs 8th Mungo Pk 3.30pm St John’s
Fri 9th Riverside 2.30pm URC
Sun 18th Thornfield 2.30pm St John’s
Thur 22nd Mungo Pk 3.30pm E & Y
Fri 23rd Riverside 2.30pm Baptist

Contacts :

Services Rota               Catriona Livingston                Tel. 725885
Mungo Park Court      Elizabeth Beate                       Tel. 22078

Thornfield                    Mrs Elspeth Douglas              Tel. 22808
Riverside                      Mary Armstrong / Karen Smith                   Tel. 22701

Ruth Tempest (82314) can be contacted by any of the churches requiring someone to accompany the hymns

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